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Am I locked into a plan/contract?
Not at all! You’re free to change at any time. We work with your schedule, not vice versa.
Do I need to get a new phone number?
Nope. Simply forward your lines whenever you need us, and we’ll take it from there.
What if I'd like a new number?
We’re happy to give you a toll-free number to advertise however you wish.
How can I check my usage?
You can log into the online web portal to check your usage at any time. Check under the Reports tab to find out how many minutes you’ve used. You can also call or email us to check any details related to your plan.
Do you offer any additional options or add-ons to live answer plans?

Every live answer plan comes with a suite of business tools including: optional IVR & appointment setting, CRM integration, and more.

Can you transfer my calls to my mobile or home phone?

We can patch calls wherever you like, be it the phone in your living room or to your on call person’s cell phone.

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